Assessment Automation

Audit once and comply with many regulations

Automate your records of processing (RoPA) reports, privacy impact assessments, and data protection impact assessment aligning with global privacy regulations. Streamline privacy-by-design with integrated triggers to dynamically update assessments.
assessment automation

Key Features

Integrated Regulatory Knowledge

Leverage multiple out-of-the box templates for privacy assessments.

Flexible Templates

Import existing templates or build custom templates based on business specific use cases.

Assessment Progress Tracking

Monitor real-time progress of assessments through a unified privacy dashboard.

Central Assessment Repository

Enable a single repository for all your assessments, providing a single view for all on-going assessments.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Streamline collaboration with internal stakeholders and external customers and partners.

Audit once, comply with many regulations

Streamline requirement mapping to multiple regulations in one assessment.

How it Works

Automate DSR Lifecycle

Utilize a Global Self-Service Privacy Portal

Our self-service privacy portal offers a user-friendly interface that empowers organizations to enhance stakeholder engagement and participation on a global scale effortlessly. Users can easily access and manage their privacy preferences, consent settings, and personal data rights in a seamless manner. Through intuitive navigation and clear instructions, individuals can exercise control over their data while complying with various privacy regulations. The portal fosters transparency and trust by enabling transparent communication between organizations and stakeholders, ultimately strengthening relationships and promoting a culture of data privacy.

Utilize Real-Time, Global Privacy Reporting

The intuitive dashboard offers a comprehensive view of assessment activity, enabling stakeholders to track progress effortlessly. Its user-friendly interface facilitates the generation of detailed reports at granular levels, allowing for in-depth analysis and informed decision-making. With real-time updates and customizable features, the dashboard enhances transparency and efficiency in managing assessments across various domains. Its seamless integration empowers users to efficiently monitor performance metrics and identify areas for improvement, fostering continuous growth and optimization within the assessment process.

Dynamically Manage, Configure and Monitor Assessments Status

The privacy portal offers a robust selection of assessment templates, catering to diverse organizational requirements. These templates can be easily customized or imported, ensuring flexibility and alignment with specific privacy protocols. With dynamic management capabilities, administrators can adapt assessments in real-time to accommodate evolving privacy standards. The portal’s real-time monitoring functionality provides stakeholders with a comprehensive view of assessment progress, fostering transparency and accountability while ensuring a 360-degree perspective on all privacy evaluations.

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