Consent and Preference Management for Marketing Professionals

Achieve global compliance with cookie & consent management through AI-driven automation and orchestration.

Key Features

Automated Compliance with global regulations in local languages
Obtain consent at any touch-point, with a no-code consent form
Scalable Consent Orchestration for streamlined management.
Boost opt-ins with a versatile Preference Center solution.

Automated Compliance with Global Regulations in Local Languages

This consent management platform would utilize sophisticated algorithms to automatically detect users’ geographic locations and language preferences upon accessing the platform. Through this detection mechanism, the platform would dynamically tailor consent forms to align with the specific data protection regulations relevant to each user’s jurisdiction.

Obtain Consent at any Touch-Point, with a No-Code Consent Form

To ensure seamless and efficient consent collection across various touchpoints, a unified consent management solution can be deployed. This centralized platform would enable businesses to quickly deploy consent collection forms across multiple channels including web, point-of-sale (POS), mobile apps, Internet of Things (IoT) devices, call centers, and email communications.

Consent Orchestration Built for Scale

A tailored solution is crafted to efficiently capture, manage, and report user consent at hyper-scale while prioritizing a seamless user experience. This solution integrates advanced technologies to streamline the consent process across large volumes of users and diverse touchpoints. By leveraging cutting-edge consent management capabilities, businesses can effectively capture user consent across various channels, ensuring compliance with data privacy regulations and fostering trust with their audience.

Increase Opt-Ins via a Flexible Preference Center

Enhance user empowerment and increase opt-ins by offering users control over their consent preferences. Implement a solution that allows users to easily manage their consent settings, ensuring that their preferences are accurately reflected across all touchpoints. This solution employs real-time synchronization mechanisms to instantly update consent preferences, guaranteeing that users’ choices are honored at all times.

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