Data Flow Intelligence & Governance

Control and Govern the Flow of Sensitive Data in Your Streaming Platforms

Data Streaming

Attain instantaneous oversight and governance of sensitive data traversing cloud streaming platforms like Confluent, Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and GCP pubsub. Mitigate risks and preempt inadvertent data proliferation by maintaining real-time control over the data flow in these platforms.

Key Features

Discover Sensitive Data

Uncover and categorize sensitive data as it progresses downstream. Employ advanced discovery and classification mechanisms to identify and label confidential information seamlessly. This process ensures a comprehensive understanding of data sensitivity, aiding organizations in implementing targeted security measures.

Govern Access

Regulate data access according to the sensitivity level of information within a specific topic. Implement precise access controls tailored to the nuanced requirements of different data subjects, promoting a finely tuned approach to security. By aligning access permissions with the varying sensitivities associated with specific topics.

Mitigate Risk

Implement dynamic data masking techniques to proactively conceal sensitive information, reducing potential exposure to risks. This adaptive approach ensures that only authorized individuals have access to the full dataset, mitigating the likelihood of unauthorized disclosures.


This horizontal scalability ensures that streaming platforms can seamlessly adapt to fluctuating data loads, accommodating increased demand or sudden spikes in data influx. As a result, organizations can maintain optimal performance and responsiveness.

Manage Sensitive Data Sprawl

Attain instantaneous oversight and governance of sensitive data traversing cloud streaming platforms, including Confluent, Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and GCP pubsub. This real-time visibility enables organizations to monitor and control the flow of confidential information, mitigating risks and proactively preventing unintended data sprawl. By implementing these measures, businesses can uphold data security standards, ensuring the integrity of sensitive information in dynamic cloud environments and bolstering their overall risk management framework.

Simplify Data Risk Mitigation

Implement dynamic data masking seamlessly within data stream environments to effectively conceal sensitive information, thereby reducing the risk of data exposure. This adaptive approach not only safeguards confidential data but also ensures that business insights and value derived from the data remain intact. By dynamically masking sensitive data, organizations strike a balance between privacy and utility, fostering a secure and insightful data environment that aligns with both regulatory requirements and business objectives.

Offload & Optimize Data Scanning

Implementing dynamic data masking within a data stream environment is a strategic approach to enhance security and drive valuable business insights. This dynamic masking technique involves on-the-fly modification of sensitive data, ensuring that only authorized users can access the complete dataset. By limiting data risk exposure, organizations bolster their compliance efforts and fortify against potential security threats. Simultaneously, this approach facilitates the extraction of meaningful analytics and preserves data privacy, striking a balance between safeguarding sensitive information and extracting valuable business intelligence.

Dynamically Manage Data Access Governance

Establishing robust roles and permissions within a streaming environment is crucial for mitigating risks and ensuring compliance with regulatory standards. By defining clear access controls, organizations can restrict sensitive data access to authorized personnel, preventing unauthorized users from compromising data integrity. This proactive approach not only safeguards against potential security breaches but also minimizes the likelihood of regulatory violations, fostering a secure and compliant data streaming ecosystem. Regularly reviewing and updating roles ensures alignment with evolving business needs and compliance requirements, enhancing the overall effectiveness of data access governance.

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