Data Quality

Data Quality

Provide Data Trust through Data Quality Integration

Organizations must understand and trust the quality of their sensitive data. Integrate Securiti’s data catalog with data quality processes to ensure key data is easy to discover, understand and of high quality.

Features Of Data Quality

Quality Ingestion

Connect to market-leading data quality tool sets and ingest information.

Data Quality Workflows

Build workflows that allow data stewards to act on data quality information and add tagging to data.

Technical Insight

Provides technical information around the data - providing common profile information.

Transformational Insight

Ingest information on transformation processes into the data catalog.

Business Rule Glossary

Reference and maintain a list of business rules that have been applied to data.

Easily Connect to Data Quality Tool Sets

Integrate seamlessly with a multitude of established commercial and open-source data quality toolsets to streamline the data quality assessment process. By establishing robust connections with these tools, organizations can effortlessly ingest the results of data quality processes directly into their data catalog. This integration not only automates the data quality evaluation workflow but also ensures that the catalog remains updated with the latest insights on data accuracy, completeness, consistency, and reliability.

Enable User Workflows

Adaptable workflows empower users to take proactive steps based on data quality insights, facilitating the tagging and enrichment of metadata within your environment. This flexibility enables users to seamlessly integrate data quality information into their existing processes, enhancing data governance practices and fostering a culture of data-driven decision-making.

Provide Data Profiling Information

Harness cutting-edge profiling techniques to gain comprehensive insights into the structure and characteristics of your data, offering semantic classification and evaluating data trustworthiness. By leveraging advanced profiling capabilities, organizations can uncover hidden patterns, anomalies, and relationships within their datasets, facilitating deeper understanding and interpretation.

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