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Bandiz Technoz offers vDPO services, specializing in
data protection and privacy compliance for businesses
and organizations.

Virtual Data Protection Officer(vDPO)

Numerous businesses handling substantial data volumes must now designate a Data Protection Officer (DPO) per international and local regulations. Compliance with data protection obligations may still be necessary regardless of DPO requirements.

Bandiz Technoz offers virtual Data Protection Officer (vDPO) services to assist in implementing and overseeing data protection strategies, guiding businesses and employees on compliance obligations, acting as a liaison with regulatory authorities, and providing reports to senior management and the board.

Key Challenges

How we help solve your DPO challenges:

Design & Manage Data Privacy

Our vDPOs oversee data privacy and security policies, maintaining thorough records of data processing activities, privacy measures, and compliance efforts.

Legal & Compliance Management

Create and uphold legal contracts with data controllers and processors. Perform routine Data Privacy Impact Assessments (DPIA).

Direct Response Planning

Develop and update an incident response plan for data breaches or leaks. Act as primary contact for escalations or breaches.

Benefits of vDPO

Why choose Bandiz Technoz vDPO:

Ensure GDPR compliance with a Virtual DPO

Ensuring compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is crucial. Companies meeting specific criteria outlined by the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) must appoint a Data Protection Officer. Regardless of size, industry, or data held, having a Data Protection champion is wise.

For those lacking internal expertise, Bandiz Technoz provides a Virtual DPO service, offering experienced professionals to oversee data management and compliance on a part-time basis.

What is a Virtual Data Protection Officer?

A Virtual DPO serves as your organization’s GDPR representative, providing guidance and training on regulatory requirements. They conduct data protection assessments to ensure policies safeguard sensitive information effectively. Acting as the primary liaison with supervisory authorities like the ICO, they promptly report any data breaches. With their expertise, they ensure that your business’s processes align with GDPR standards, offering peace of mind and proactive management of data protection concerns.

What does a Virtual Data Protection Officer do?

Bandiz Technoz’s vDPO seamlessly integrates into your team, providing:

Benefits of a Virtual Data Protection Officer

Access to Experts

Bandiz Technoz holds ISO 27001 and Cyber Essential certifications, showcasing our expertise to support your GDPR compliance needs effectively.

Immediate Availability

Our virtual DPO is prepared to commence immediately. With expertise in Data Protection, you’ll witness the immediate benefits of your investment.

Upskill Your Team

Our virtual DPO service offers advanced data protection expertise and leadership to augment your team.

Affordable and Flexible

Hiring a DPO can be costly. Opting for a virtual DPO allows flexible outsourcing, leading to significant cost reductions.

Why choose an online Data Protection Officer over an in-house hire?

Opting for an Online Virtual Data Protection Officer is often five times more cost-effective and efficient compared to hiring an in-house DPO. With Legal Nodes, you can subscribe to a tailored DPO online service that aligns with your business needs, offering essential privacy support. The expenses associated with hiring or replacing a DPO are significantly reduced, and Legal Nodes allows flexibility in selecting different DPOs as needed.

This online solution saves time and resources by streamlining privacy management, eliminating the need to repeatedly recruit and brief in-house DPOs for new privacy requests.

Who needs DPO?

If your company operates in the UK or the EU, serves EU clients, or handles data of EU citizens, implementing data protection policies and hiring a Data Protection Officer is essential.

Appointing a DPO is mandatory for companies processing large-scale data in these categories.

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Industry & Manufacturing
Transportation & Logistics
Banks & Insurance
Consulting Providers