Data Intelligence for Salesforce

Detect personal and sensitive data in Salesforce


“Though data supports business decisions, GDPR, CPRA, and other global privacy laws demand organizations identify and use personal/sensitive data purposefully, with proper protection. “
Data Intelligence aids in identifying and safeguarding personal data, ensuring compliance with worldwide security and privacy regulations.
Discover Sensitive Data
Leverage Bandiz Sensitive Data Intelligence to identify and safeguard personal data, ensuring compliance with global security and privacy regulations.

Reveal all sensitive data records

Identify all instances of personal data records across schemas, tables, and columns effortlessly. Just perform a search for specific Personally Identifiable Information (PII) such as Social Security Numbers (SSNs) in the Data Catalog to pinpoint the exact columns where SSNs are stored.

Identify Data Risk

Evaluate data risk within Salesforce by analyzing personal data attributes, data residencies, and instance location. For instance, a sudden increase in the risk score may signify heightened risk activity.

Find data owners & fulfill DSRs in a timely manner
Evaluate the risk associated with data by considering personal data attributes, data residency, and asset location. An increase in risk score might signal high-risk behavior, such as a user uploading numerous files containing medical record numbers to OneDrive.

Protect PII and PHI

Implement robust data security measures across both standard and custom fields. Coordinate obfuscation controls, such as encrypting data on designated columns containing sensitive information.

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