People Data Graph

Discover & Map Personal Data to Individuals with AI-Driven People Data Graphs

Connect structured and unstructured data sources and automatically discover and build relationship maps between personal data and the unique identity associated with that data.
people data graph

Key Features

Secure PI Linking-

Prevent PI sprawl while creating the PI graph.

Manage a Global PI View-

Insights about identities, PI data, residencies and data location.

Understand PI Risk-

Enable understanding about compliance risk for PI data across systems.

Automate DSR Fulfilments-

Swift and accurate fulfillment of DSR requests.

Enable Breach Notifications-

Quick notifications to impacted data subjects.

Use AI Based Conversational Interface-

Ask questions and get insights about PI data using natural language.

How it Works

Automate DSR Lifecycle

Automate Intelligent Data Scanning

AutomateIQ revolutionizes data scanning by employing advanced algorithms and machine learning techniques. It swiftly sifts through vast datasets, identifying patterns, anomalies, and sensitive information with unparalleled accuracy. By automating the scanning process, it not only saves valuable time but also enhances data security and compliance measures. With its intuitive interface and customizable features, AutomateIQ empowers organizations to streamline their data management workflows effortlessly.

Utilize a Global PI Heatmap

Automate the identification and categorization of sensitive data, implementing a dynamic orchestration system for the widespread masking of datasets. This streamlined process ensures efficient discovery, classification, and real-time protection of confidential information on a large scale. By deploying such automated measures, organizations can enhance data privacy, fortify compliance efforts, and mitigate potential security vulnerabilities in a seamless and scalable manner.

Build a Relationship Map of PI Data Across Systems

Our comprehensive data infrastructure facilitates the slicing and dicing of relationships between Personally Identifiable (PI) data, attributes, residencies, data locations, and sources across all systems seamlessly. Through advanced analytics and robust linking mechanisms, we ensure a granular understanding of data flows and interconnections. This enables precise tracking of data lineage, compliance monitoring, and risk mitigation strategies across diverse datasets and platforms.

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With 1000+ integrations across data systems

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