Vendor Risk Assessment

Assess Third Party Privacy Risks

Invite and Assess your vendors in one system. Track progress, collaborate, and maintain a centralized system of record

How it Works

Automate and Centralize Vendor Assessments.

Utilize a Global Self-Service Privacy Portal

To enhance vendor engagement, the intuitive portal will streamline communication channels, offering personalized follow-ups and performance reviews. Automation features will ensure timely interactions, while real-time guidance tools empower vendors with immediate support. Dynamic assessment review capabilities will enable adaptive strategies, fostering continuous improvement and collaboration within the vendor network.

Enable Third Party Integrations

By initiating assessments through data mapping with vendors, the portal will proactively identify gaps and potential risks, allowing for timely remediation strategies. The integration of API-based data functionality will streamline data exchange processes, empowering users to initiate, query, or extract data effortlessly for tailored reporting needs. This seamless integration ensures that insights are readily accessible, facilitating informed decision-making and proactive risk management strategies.

Monitor Vendor Risk Ratings

Access an impartial evaluation of vendor privacy and security practices conducted by a dedicated research team specializing in data security. Utilizing thorough assessments, this team assigns an overall score, considering the vendor’s compliance with industry-leading security standards, possession of relevant certifications, and implementation of robust privacy protocols. This in-depth analysis delivers valuable insights into the vendor’s risk posture, empowering informed decision-making and cultivating trust in their data handling capabilities.

Dynamically Manage, Configure and Monitor Assessments Status

Harness the flexibility of built-in, customizable, and importable assessment templates, allowing organizations to tailor evaluations to their specific requirements dynamically. With the ability to manage these templates in real-time, adaptability becomes a key asset, ensuring assessments evolve alongside organizational needs and industry standards. Real-time progress monitoring offers comprehensive visibility, providing stakeholders with a 360-degree view of all assessments, enabling proactive decision-making and continuous improvement efforts. This dynamic approach fosters agility and ensures assessments remain aligned with organizational objectives.

Key Features

Integrated Regulatory Knowledge

Leverage out-of-the box templates for vendor assessments.

Flexible Templates

Import existing templates or build custom templates based on business specific use cases .

Assessment Progress Tracking

Monitor real-time progress of assessments and automatically trigger follow ups with third parties.

Central Assessment Repository

Easily manage consent status from global dashboard across multiple applications.

Third Party Risk

Leverage independent privacy ratings of third party vendors.

Collaborate in Real-Time

Streamline collaboration with internal and external stakeholders via a secure portal.

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