Your Data Command Center

For Databricks

Enable Safe Use of Data and AI

Through seamless integration with Databricks, organizations gain enhanced control over their data and AI models. This integration facilitates the application of consistent, enterprise-wide policies across all data systems, including Databricks.

Data Command Center

Example Use Cases

Establish Sensitive Data Intelligence

Understand Data Context

Gain Data Access Intelligence

Govern Data Access Controls

Manage Data Security Posture (DSPM)

Automate Data Privacy Rights

Govern AI Usage

Ensure Continous Compliance

Why Databricks?

Contextual Data Intelligence

Unified Policy Management

Simplified Entitlement Management

Dynamic Data Masking

Databricks Governance and Security

How it works

Establish Sensitive Data Intelligence

Leverage advanced techniques such as NLP to accurately classify and tag hundreds of sensitive data elements at scale in Databricks and other clouds.






Understand Data Context

Answer any question about data across Databricks workspaces and other clouds with a single natural language or API search query

Data Sensitivity

Data Subjects

Data Users

Data Location

Data Risks

Regulations & More

Gain Data Access Intelligence

Identify which Databricks users have access to sensitive data, review privileges and audit access patterns over time

Active and Inactive Users

Tables and Views accessed

Sensitive Data Accessed

Audit Logs and Reports

Govern Data Access Controls

Operationalize policy-based access controls based on data sensitivity and rightsize privileges to prevent unauthorized data access

Databricks Unity Catalog Integration

Centralized Policy Engine

Automated Data Tagging

Column Level Access

Row Level Filtering

Dynamic Data Masking

Manage Data Security Posture (DSPM)

Gain insight into data risks and enforce company security policies across Databricks workspaces and users through in-built detections and automation

Sensitive Data Discovery

Centralized Policy Engine

Risk Prioritization

Security Posture Reports

Alerts and Orchestration

Automate Data Privacy Rights

Find an individual’s personal data scattered across Databricks Workspaces and other cloud environments with a simple, real-time search and automatically fullfill their data access request Personal Data Identification Personal Data Identification Data Subject Identification Data Subject Identification People Data Graphs People Data Graphs

Personal Data Identification

Data Subject Identification

People Data Graphs

Regulatory Context

Collaboration Workflows

Automated Rights Fulfillment

Govern AI Usage

Understand risk associated with AI models deployed in the cloud and third-party services and govern AI data pipelines

AI Model Discovery

Model Context

Automated Risk Assessment

Model Data Access

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems


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