Data Lineage

Data Lineage

Establish data governance by gaining visibility into data lineage.

In the realm of privacy, security, and governance, comprehending the lineage of sensitive data is essential. Effortlessly discover, comprehend, and monitor the modifications and transformations that data experiences throughout its complete lifecycle.

Features Of Data Lineage

Connect to Data Sources

Out of box ability to connect to hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems.

Automated Lineage Discovery

Ability to detect lineage information automatically from source systems.

Technical Lineage

Provides insight into the technical information around data’s lineage.

Impact Analysis

Insight into direct and indirect relationships, identifying data dependencies.

Extract Lineage Information

Automate the extraction and management of lineage information from source systems, BI tools, and ETL tools using native lineage connectors. This streamlined process ensures comprehensive insight into data flow, dependencies, and transformations, empowering efficient data governance and decision-making.

Discover Origins of Data

Explore the data catalog to locate details regarding the lineage of specific data elements. Efficiently retrieve comprehensive information on the origins, transformations, and relationships of these data components, facilitating informed decision-making and ensuring data governance compliance.

Discover Data Dependencies

Uncover relationships and dependencies among data and systems, elucidating the connections between data elements across various systems. This capability enables a holistic view of data interconnectivity, fostering better understanding and strategic decision-making for enhanced data management.

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