Bandiz for AWS

Autonomous Data Protection 

For both cloud-native and non-native data systems and applications hosted on AWS.

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Data Intelligence

Comprehending Sensitive Data in Dark and Native Data Systems on AWS


Establish distributed visibility and security mesh for AWS data infrastructure.


Robotic automation simplifies PrivacyOps, ensuring ease in managing privacy.

Governance & Compliance

Ensure global data regulation compliance across diverse jurisdictions for comprehensive adherence and risk mitigation.

Sensitive Data Intelligence

Dark Data Asset Discovery

Automatically uncover dark and native data assets across AWS, spanning accounts, regions, and geographies.

Security Posture and Misconfigurations

A Sensitive Data Catalog plays a pivotal role in the identification, management, and safeguarding of confidential information within an organization. Employing advanced metadata tracking and robust access controls, it not only ensures compliance but also minimizes risks, fostering comprehensive data governance. The critical elements integral to deep data discovery include advanced analytics, data profiling, unstructured data exploration, automated data classification, cross-platform integration, discovery of relationships, real-time analysis, and dedicated data governance and compliance measures. Together, these elements form a cohesive framework, optimizing data management and security.

Data Discovery, Classification & Labeling

Auto-detect, classify, label sensitive data across massive AWS datasets, structured or unstructured, at petabyte scale.

Sensitive Data Catalog

Create catalogs for sensitive data in structured and unstructured formats; easily search across your AWS environment.

People Data Graph

Automatically establish a link between individuals and their personal data, forming the basis for fulfilling data subject rights.

Data Risk Graph

Recognize and rank data-related risks from both external and internal sources using a risk scoring and attribution system.

Sensitive Data Intelligence️ Enables️


Identify high risk data and enable protections


One automated PrivacyOps platform for global data privacy compliance

Governance & Compliance

Ensure global data regulation compliance across diverse jurisdictions for comprehensive adherence and risk mitigation.


Uncover hidden data risks

Identify concealed data vulnerabilities by actively monitoring AWS data infrastructures and sensitive information for both internal and external threats. Deliver comprehensive risk assessments, complete with a risk score and clear attribution, enhanced by intuitive visualization techniques for easy interpretation.

Enforce Policies Posture

Ensure adherence to policies by swiftly addressing security misconfigurations and implementing robust data protection controls to safeguard sensitive information against both external and internal threats.

Control Access

Manage access effectively through policy-based access governance, identifying and resolving instances of excessive access to sensitive data within AWS data systems.

Investigate Issues Issues

Examine data security problems and enact corrective measures promptly.


Always up to date data maps and records of processing

Maintain current data maps and processing records. Automate privacy measures, DPIAs, and Article 30 reports using sensitive data insights.

Automate fulfillment of individual rights

Automate the process of fulfilling individual rights. Automatically meet data subject requests and retain evidence of compliance.

Automate DPIAs and Privacy-by-Design

Automate DPIAs and Privacy-by-Design. Centralize collaboration and tracking for all assessments in a unified platform for efficiency.

Capture and honor user consent automatically

Automatically capture and respect user consent. Utilize data in accordance with cookie consent and universal consent principles.

Guidance for Data Incident Response and Reporting

Automate Data Incident Response and Reporting Streamline incident response by collecting details, defining scope, and tailoring notifications to meet global privacy regulations.


Continuously track alterations and deviations in data, security configurations, and access protocols for automated remediation. Align up-to-date security controls with diverse compliance standards like ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, ensuring perpetual compliance. This proactive approach guarantees that security measures remain current, reflecting a commitment to robust data protection and adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Data Security Regulations

Data Privacy Regulations

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