Cookie Consent

Easily Collect Cookie Consent and Automate Blocking

Scan your website and automatically generate cookie banners, cookie policy and block undesirable cookies.

How it Works

Automate Cookie Consent Management

Adopt a Flexible Preference Management Center

Our customizable preference management center empowers your company to tailor the user experience to match your brand identity seamlessly. With complete control over verbiage, styling, colors, and placement of the cookie banner and preference manager, you can ensure consistency and compliance with your brand guidelines. Whether it’s adjusting language to resonate with your audience or fine-tuning the visual elements for optimal user engagement, our solution offers unparalleled flexibility to create a personalized and cohesive brand experience.

Utilize a Real-Time Reporting Dashboard

Our intuitive dashboards provide comprehensive visualization of consent data, enabling effortless monitoring at both visitor and organizational levels. Users can easily search, filter, and access consent activity across the entire organization through user-friendly interfaces. With real-time updates and customizable features, stakeholders gain valuable insights into consent trends, ensuring compliance and transparency while facilitating informed decision-making. This centralized approach streamlines consent management, fostering a culture of accountability and trust within your organization.

Easily Comply with Global Privacy Changes Status

Ensure global compliance with key regulations such as GDPR, CCPA, LGPD, ePrivacy Directive, and IAB TCF v2.0, among others, with our comprehensive solution. Intelligent detection mechanisms seamlessly adapt website experiences based on visitors’ geographic locations and consent preferences, guaranteeing adherence to diverse regulatory frameworks. By offering the appropriate experience tailored to each visitor’s jurisdiction and preferences, our solution mitigates compliance risks while enhancing user trust and satisfaction, fostering a compliant and user-centric online environment.

Intelligent Cookie Categorization

Harness the power of our proprietary cookie intelligence database to streamline your compliance efforts effortlessly. Our advanced technology automatically categorizes scan results and identifies the relevant purposes of each tracker, eliminating the need for manual sorting. With this streamlined process, users can easily review and publish scans to configure their cookie consent banners, ensuring accurate and compliant disclosures with minimal effort. This integration of automation and comprehensive database insights simplifies the compliance journey, empowering organizations to navigate complex regulations with confidence.

Integrations & Plugins

Cookie consent plugins and integrations are essential for websites to comply with data protection regulations such as the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in the European Union. These tools help website owners inform visitors about the use of cookies and obtain their consent for storing and accessing cookies on their devices.
Here are some popular plugins and integrations for cookie consent:-

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