Data Intelligence for Workday
Autonomous Data Privacy

Sensitive Data Intelligence

Understanding sensitive data in Snowflake across both cloud and self-managed systems is essential for effective data management and security.


Ensuring data integrity through strong encryption and proactive measures, fortifying security to thwart potential threats and breaches effectively.


Emphasizing data privacy with strict policies and encryption, ensuring secure and confidential information handling is given top priority within the organization.

Governance & Compliance

Data governance safeguards organizational integrity by ensuring compliance, maintaining quality, and enhancing security measures, ensuring steadfast adherence to established standards.

Sensitive Data Intelligence

Data Discovery Clasification & Labelling

Exploration, classification, and labeling of data for effective discovery, ensuring a systematic approach to identifying and organizing information based on its nature and relevance, promoting enhanced data management practices within the organization. Advanced Discovery Algorithms,Automated Classification Processes,Robust Data Labeling Capabilities , Seamless Integration with Diverse Data Sources, User-Friendly Interface for Enhanced Accessibility

Sensitive Data Catalog

A Sensitive Data Catalog plays a pivotal role in the identification, management, and safeguarding of confidential information within an organization. Employing advanced metadata tracking and robust access controls, it not only ensures compliance but also minimizes risks, fostering comprehensive data governance. The critical elements integral to deep data discovery include advanced analytics, data profiling, unstructured data exploration, automated data classification, cross-platform integration, discovery of relationships, real-time analysis, and dedicated data governance and compliance measures. Together, these elements form a cohesive framework, optimizing data management and security.

People Data Graph

Leveraging AI, the People Data Graph constructs a dynamic relationship map connecting identified personal data with respective owners. This innovative tool facilitates prompt and precise handling of Data Subject Requests (DSRs), streamlines breach notification and response procedures, and enhances the generation of consent reports. The People Data Graph serves as a robust solution, ensuring efficient navigation through intricate connections within personal data, ultimately contributing to enhanced data governance and compliance.

Data Risk Graph

Tailor and refine your data risk posture by considering factors such as sensitivity, location, user residencies, cross-border transfers, and data density. Analyze and compare data risks over time and across various assets, locations, and owners. This comprehensive approach allows for the identification of data risk hotspots, enabling informed decision-making and prioritization of necessary remediation measures to fortify overall data security and compliance.

Data Security

Uncover hidden data risks

Reveal concealed data risks by identifying hotspots within your Workday instance through uncovering data risks.

Enable Protections

Empower safeguards by identifying security misconfigurations linked to your Workday instance and implementing automatic remediation.

Control Access

Consistently audit users and groups with access to sensitive data in Workday, refining policies as needed.

Investigate Security Issues

Conduct ongoing audits of users and groups with access to sensitive data in Workday, while refining policies as necessary.


Always up to date data maps and records of processing

Maintain current data maps and processing records. Automate privacy measures, DPIAs, and Article 30 reports using sensitive data insights.

Automate fulfillment of individual rights

Automate the process of fulfilling individual rights. Automatically meet data subject requests and retain evidence of compliance.

Automate DPIAs and Privacy-by-Design

Automate DPIAs and Privacy-by-Design. Centralize collaboration and tracking for all assessments in a unified platform for efficiency.

Capture and honor user consent automatically

Automatically capture and respect user consent. Utilize data in accordance with cookie consent and universal consent principles.

Guidance for Data Incident Response and Reporting

Automate Data Incident Response and Reporting Streamline incident response by collecting details, defining scope, and tailoring notifications to meet global privacy regulations.


Continuously track alterations and deviations in data, security configurations, and access protocols for automated remediation. Align up-to-date security controls with diverse compliance standards like ISO, NIST, PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, GDPR, ensuring perpetual compliance. This proactive approach guarantees that security measures remain current, reflecting a commitment to robust data protection and adherence to industry-specific regulations.

Data Security Regulations

Data Privacy Regulations

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