Data Risk Management

Intelligently Monitor High Risk Data

Assess Risk scores for every data asset, asset location or personal data categories.
Data Risk Assessment

Key Features

Identify Data Risk Hotspots

Assess high risk data sets based on risk scores, measure success of remediation as data risk score drops over time.

Customize Risk Scores

Highlight and rank order data risk in your environment with custom risk profiles.

Eliminate Risk Blind Spots

Visually monitor any sudden changes in risk scores, eliminate possible blind spots by correlating risk score changes across the dataset.

Visualize Data Risk with Risk Graph

In assessing data risk, a comprehensive numerical framework is imperative to pinpoint vulnerabilities and prioritize mitigation efforts. This risk-centric view incorporates various factors to illuminate sensitive and personal data at risk, ensuring a nuanced understanding of potential threats.

Identify High Risk Assets

Identifying risk across assets, locations, owners, and types of personal data enables precise targeting and prioritization of security budgets towards remediation efforts for high-risk areas. By analyzing these factors comprehensively, organizations can pinpoint vulnerabilities associated with specific assets, their geographical locations, responsible owners, and the types of personal data they handle.

Customize Data Risk Scores

Customizing risk scores to your environment involves fine-tuning sensitivity levels based on various factors such as the types of data, geographical locations, residency regulations, and data concentration. By adapting risk assessments to reflect the unique attributes of your organization, you can accurately gauge the severity of potential threats and allocate resources accordingly.

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