Data Governance

Optimize Data Governance with Granular Insights Into your Data
Data Catalog

Build a Comprehensive Catalog of Your Enterprise Data

Build a comprehensive data catalog covering structured and unstructured data leveraging AI/ML technology. Automatically keep your data up to date with granular insights, enabling business and technical users to understand, trust, and access the data they need.
Data Lineage

Automatically Track Data Flows

Understand the lineage of data especially when it comes to managing the privacy and security around that data. Bandiz provides tools that automatically collect data lineage information and makes it readily available in a centralized metadata repository.
Data Quality

Enhance Data Quality and Build Trust

Companies must know that the data that they are taking action on is accurate and correct. Integrate with data quality processes to ensure that the information around data quality is available and easy to leverage.
CDMC framework

Align With the EDM Council’s CDMC Framework

The EDM Council has provided valuable contributions to the data governance market, including its most recent Cloud Data Management Capabilities (CDMC) framework. CDMC outlines best practices for governing data in multicloud environments. Operationalize this framework with Data Command Center.

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