Data Catalog

Provide Data Governance and Security insight with the Bandiz Data Catalog

Companies need a centralized metadata repository that keeps track of what data exists and where the data is, as well as insight into the type, meaning, intended use, and sensitivity of the data. Bandiz’s data catalog enable users to easily find, understand, trust and access the data they need, as well as enable them to secure and govern the processes around their data.

Easily Collect Metadata

Automatically collect metadata across all connected systems, providing an accurate understanding of all data including sensitive data.

Rapidly Find the Data that You Need

Easily search for data to support privacy, security and compliance practices as well as analytical processes.

Provide Data Insight Across Multiple Data Systems

Native support of hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems across SaaS, multicloud, on-prem and data warehouses.

Become Aware of How Your Data is Linked Together

Discover data system dependencies with insight into data lineage. Understand where data came from, what changes were made, and dependencies between systems.

Understand Data’s Business Meaning

Enable users and data stewards to create a glossary that provides insight into the business and technical meaning of data in the catalog.
Data Catalog

Key Features

Connect to Data Sources-

Out-of-box ability to connect to hundreds of structured and unstructured data systems.

Search for Datasets-

Easily search for and find the type and location of data.

Data Lineage-

Identify where data originated from as well as all the steps and changes it goes through.

Data Tagging-

Identify and tag all types of data.

Data Usage-

Insight into data access query statistics for tables and columns.

Data Glossary-

Easily update and maintain definitions and other documentation on datasets.

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems

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