Breach Management

Manage Breach Notification Process

Automate the incident response process by gathering incident details, identifying the scope, and optimizing notifications to users and regulatory bodies to comply with global privacy regulations.

How it Works

Manage your entire incident and data breach management lifecycle, ensuring accurate and timely responses.

Gather & Submit Incident Details

Employ pre-built incident assessment templates to efficiently collect comprehensive details about incidents, ensuring thorough documentation and analysis. The intuitive self-service portal empowers users to report incidents seamlessly, enhancing accessibility and promoting a culture of transparency and accountability within the organization. By streamlining the incident reporting process and utilizing standardized assessment templates, organizations can swiftly respond to incidents while maintaining clarity and consistency in incident management practices.

Accurately Assess Incident Impact

Utilize incident risk assessments in tandem with Sensitive Data Intelligence tools to conduct comprehensive evaluations of risks associated with incidents. This integrated approach allows for the identification of impacted users, assessment of compromised personal data, and evaluation of jurisdictional implications across all data assets involved in the incident. By leveraging these advanced technologies, organizations can swiftly mitigate risks, ensure compliance with regulatory requirements, and enact targeted remediation strategies to address the incident’s impact effectively.

Maintain Comprehensive Incident Documentation

Maintain meticulous audit trails and comprehensive incident-related documentation, providing a clear record of actions taken and decisions made to ensure regulatory compliance. These records serve as crucial evidence in demonstrating adherence to compliance requirements and industry standards during audits and investigations. By implementing robust documentation practices, organizations can confidently navigate regulatory scrutiny and showcase their commitment to data security and compliance obligations.

Automate Notifications to Users and Regulatory Bodies

As part of the incident response process, it’s crucial to identify specific users impacted by the incident. This typically involves analyzing logs, databases, and other relevant data sources to determine the extent of the impact. Once identified, affected users should be promptly notified using out-of-box notification templates and guidelines to ensure clear and concise communication. Additionally, regulatory authorities may need to be notified depending on the nature and severity of the incident. Proper documentation and reporting procedures must be followed in accordance with relevant regulations and compliance standards to mitigate any potential legal or reputational risks.

Key Features

Monitor Breach Incidents

Report and collaborate on incidents with an intuitive, easy to use portal.

Automated Incident Response

Use jurisdiction research data to make breach notification decisions.

Track Remediation

Track remediation activities and maintain detailed audit trails.

Automate Notifications

Make timely notifications using pre-built templates to reduce risk.

Auto Detect Impacted Users

Automatically discover insights about impacted users & their data.

Utilize Management Workbench

Automate incident management and data breach notifications with customized workflows.

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