Data Mapping Automation

Simplify and Organize your Data Mapping

Create and manage a Sensitive Data Catalog to track data assets and processing activities. Conduct Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs), Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs), and generate Records of Processing Activities (RoPA), including GDPR Article 30 reports, to ensure comprehensive documentation and compliance with data protection regulations.

Enable Real-time Data Discovery and Scanning

Discover new assets and continuously monitor existing data assets for changes and updates related to personal data governance.Concept of face identification. A crowd of people with ID marks on face. Face recognition system verifying suspect in the crowd. Flat design, vector illustration.

Visualize Data Maps with Intuitive Graphs

Easily glean insights with dynamic visual graphs showing granular details on your personal data. View personal data by type, category, data subject type, data subject residency, data store or data store location.

Monitor Data Risk Effectively

Monitor the real-time risk profile of your data assets from a privacy perspective. Track risk score based on type of data, location of data, residency of the data subject, concentration of data and more.

Catalog all Data Assets

Maintain a central Data Catalog of assets, processes, vendors and institutions. Easily view cross border transfer and other exchanges with dynamic visual data maps.

Data mapping automation

Key Features

Visualize Global Data maps-

Easily monitor cross border traffic and key data patterns with dynamic data graphs.

Automate Risk Assessments-

Gain real-time insights into risks related to your data and processing activities.

Initiate PIAs & DPIAs-

Initiate PIAs and DPIAs, and dynamically update them based on changes to your data.

Automatically Discover Data-

Automatically discover new data and dynamically update your data catalog, trigger new assessments and update your risk register.

Enable a Single Data Catalog-

Maintain a central repository for all data assets, data processing and vendor records.

Collaborate in Real-Time-

Add internal or external collaborators, collaborate using secure, real-time messaging.

How it Works

Automate Data Maps using Bandiz’s unified PrivacyOps Solution

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