Data Security

Protect Sensitive Data in Multicloud, SaaS and On-Prem Systems
Manage Data Security Posture

Prioritize Security Posture Remediation

To comprehensively assess the security posture of data assets across various cloud data systems, including Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Software as a Service (SaaS), and data clouds, it is essential to leverage a multi-faceted approach. This involves utilizing granular insights into the data within these systems to identify potential risks and prioritize remediation efforts for any misconfigurations.
Prevent Unauthorized Access

Prevent Unauthorized Access to Sensitive Data

Analyze roles and permissions settings in combination with data intelligence to get a clear picture of who has access to sensitive and personal data. Enforce guardrails to prevent unauthorized access, mask sensitive information and abide with key data regulations.
Monitor Data Risk

Monitor Data Risk

Monitor and manage data risk across all of your data assets based on a range of criteria, such as specific data elements, data locations and user residencies. Leverage a customizable risk score to identify issues and prioritize remediation.
Analyze Data Breach Impact

Analyze Data Breach Impact

Gain precise insights into whose data may be impacted by a data breach and which regulations apply. Automate impact analysis, both before or after an incident, to reduce liability, mitigate risk and streamline data breach response.

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