Data Streaming Analysis
Data Streaming

Manage Sensitive Data Flowing through your Streaming Platforms

Acquire instant oversight and regulation over sensitive data transmitted via cloud streaming platforms like Confluent, Kafka, Amazon Kinesis, and GCP pubsub. Mitigate risks and avert inadvertent data expansion.

Key Features

Discover Sensitive Data

Uncover and categorize sensitive data moving downstream for enhanced oversight and management.

Govern Access

Control data access according to the sensitivity of information within specific topics

Mitigate Risk

Dynamically conceal sensitive data to mitigate potential exposure risks effectively.

Manage Sensitive Data Sprawl

Uncover sensitive data within messaging topics, providing comprehensive visibility into whether and what sensitive information is being transmitted to downstream systems.

Simplify Data Risk Mitigation

Effectively conceal sensitive data within a data stream environment, minimizing the risk of data exposure while facilitating business insights and value creation.

Offload and Optimize Data Scanning

Scan data centrally before it spreads to hard-to-reach or expensive-to-scan locations.

Dynamically Manage Data Access Governance

Establish roles and permissions for sensitive data access in streaming environments to mitigate risks and regulatory breaches effectively.

Covering Everywhere You Have Data

With 1000+ integrations across data systems


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