Workflow Orchestration

Automate and orchestrate privacy workflows

Automate security, privacy and governance functions with an intuitive workflow orchestration engine. Leverage built-in integrations and customizable triggers to streamline operations, reduce costs and improve accuracy.
Workflow Orchestration

Key Features

No Code Visual Editor-

Develop complex workflows with little to no coding.

Module Triggers-

Automatically trigger actions based on input from a wide range of modules.

External Triggers-

Automatically trigger actions based on signals from external systems, such as IaaS, SaaS applications.

Native integrations-

Perform operations in hundreds of supported applications without the need to code.

Customize Functions-

Create customized workflow nodes that can do any programmable function.

Workflow Reporting-

Report on workflow runtime completions and errors.

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Easily Create Complex Workflows

Enable the creation of sophisticated workflows with minimal reliance on coding through an intuitive drag-and-drop interface. This user-friendly platform empowers users to effortlessly design and tailor workflows to their specific needs, enhancing agility and efficiency in data processing tasks. With the flexibility to customize workflows seamlessly, users can adapt processes dynamically, accelerating time-to-insight and driving innovation without the need for extensive technical expertise.

Construct Workflows for Privacy Processes

Craft intricate workflows effortlessly using pre-built module triggers to automate privacy processes. For instance, set up triggers to automatically initiate a Data Protection Impact Assessment (DPIA) whenever new sensitive data attributes surface within Salesforce. This streamlined approach enhances compliance with data protection regulations while minimizing manual intervention.

Ingest and Transform External Data

Efficiently ingest data from AWS S3 into your system, where it undergoes necessary transformations before triggering predefined actions, such as attaching evidence files to a Data Subject Request (DSR) task. This seamless integration streamlines the data processing pipeline, enabling organizations to enhance compliance and respond promptly to data subject requests.

Monitor SaaS Applications for Changes in Consent

Continuously monitor applications like Mailchimp, Salesforce, and Dynamics for any alterations in consent status, ensuring compliance with evolving data regulations. Subsequently, synchronize these consent values across downstream applications to maintain data integrity and alignment with user preferences. This proactive approach not only enhances regulatory adherence but also fosters a cohesive data ecosystem, promoting trust and transparency in data processing practices.
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